Start of the CBC-DEBUS project: New business skills for 75 young people

On March 23rd, 2020, the Grant Contract of the project “CBC-DEBUS – Innovative Development of Entrepreneurial education and stimulation of new Business in cross-border region”, funded by the European Union in the framework of the Joint Operational Programme “Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020” was signed. The Lead partner is YPO “New European Generation” (Ukraine), the partners – Izmail State University of Humanities (Ukraine), Tulcea County Agency for Employment (Romania), Patronage of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises of Tulcea County (Romania).

Project implementation period is 12 months.

The total budget of the project for all partners is 331 137.80 Euro (90% is EU contribution – 298 024.01 Euro)

The project is aimed on the improvement of the quality and access to entrepreneurial education through the development and implementation of 1 innovative program for training entrepreneurial skills, in order to support development of at least 75 business plans, within 12 months, with the purpose of creating new businesses and jobs in the near future.