Entrepreneurial skills training course for young people from Ukraine organized in Tulcea, Romania

On 24 – 28th of October, 2022 Beneficiary 3 with Lead Beneficiary was organized training course in entrepreneurial skills in Tulcea, Romania. This activity is aimed on the increasing of job and individual skills of potential entrepreneurs, presentation and explanation of the mechanism of creation and opening a business from idea to the profit and other business related topics.

During 5 days students from Ukraine were participating in event holding by professional trainers. They were acquainted with the peculiarities of finding an appropriate niche and formation of idea for new businesses, step-by-step Tipps for opening own company, including the writing of business plan, finding and attracting funds and looking for different sources of funding. The important topics were also marketing, leading EU practices, the diversity of EU support and financing, etc.

As the result of event, participants developed their individual business plans and received unique opportunity to increase their business skills, communicate with the experienced trainers, learn new business practices and tool as well as other issues and features of doing business.