Information seminars the “CBC-DEBUS” project in Izmail, Ukraine

Youth Public Organization “New European Generation” as the Lead Beneficiary within the project “CBC-DEBUS – Innovative Development of Entrepreneurial education and stimulation of new Business in cross-border region” 2SOFT/1.1/128 in the framework of JOP “Romania – Ukraine 2014-2020” conducted information seminars in the period May 17th-19th, 2021 in Izmail (Ukraine). During these 3 events the successful entrepreneurs shared their impressions and experience with the participants, to urge them to take part in entrepreneurship education courses and have initiatives for new business.
After the questions & answers session that has followed the speeches of entrepreneurs, the participants filled in the questionnaires, on the basis of which the participants for training courses in Tulcea (Romania) will be selected.